10 Signs He's in Love or Falling in Love with You!

Sign #10: He does not compliment you. When a man is in deep with a woman, he will try that much harder to seem indifferent. If he wants you more than he feels comfortable with, he will try that much more to not seem desperate. Therefore, if you know you are looking more amazing than usual and he doesn’t comment, take it as a sign that he has definitely noticed and is definitely not mentioning it for fear of scaring you away. After all, men are taught to believe that the nice guy never gets the girl so they behave accordingly.

#9: He does things he hates just to spend time with you. Example: "chick-flicks", shopping, watching Project Runway and NOT complaining.

#8: He puts the toilet seat down. This may seem like a small gesture but it’s important and telling of his level of respect for you.

#7: His friends and family are SUPER nice to you. Friends in particular have most likely been in his life for a long time, so they really have no reason to be nice to the most threatening person that can come between them, unless of course, his buddies have been warned. Pay attention to their behavior toward you. If they are dismissive, take it as a bad sign. However, if you are treated with respect and maybe a little special attention, take this as a sign your man is falling hard.

#6: He remembers everything. He remembers details about your life, stories/information you have shared with him, and/or shows through his actions that he has paid attention to your likes/dislikes. For instance, when he picks you up, his stereo's playing one of your favorite songs.

#5: Presents. Even small gestures, like a book, show he thinks about you often and wants to make you happy.

#4: Impress Your Crowd. He goes out of his way to be friendly and charming to the other people in your life (friends, family, co-workers). Although he knows he has already succeeded in gaining your affection, he continues to put effort into the relationship by getting to know your friends, family, etc. This shows he likes you a lot and wants to be a greater part of your life.

#3: Future plans. The further down the road and/or important the event, the more unmistakably it reflects his commitment to you.

#2: Heavy silences. You’re sharing an intimate moment with him, maybe whispering in bed, and you sense he wants to tell you something. It feels like he’s keeping something in. You’re not imagining it; he most likely wants to tell you he loves you.

and of course...
#1: Making love. It’s gotten more intimate. Whether it be slower on occasion/more sensual, you two are engaging in prolonged eye contact, or he wants his body closer to yours during sex. These are all good signs he is falling in love with you or already is.

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